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 The past comes back to us all.

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Kiyoshi Syuusuke

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PostSubject: The past comes back to us all.   Thu Aug 27, 2009 11:12 am

The wind rustled dust across the dark city of Tokyo. The sound of a fallen trash can toppling over was heard from the distance, where in an instance a dark shadow of a man billowed into the night. Things were quiet. Far too quiet.

There was a boy walking down a long dirt covered road towards the docks. Where the young teen sat himself down to gaze out into the sea. His name was Kiyoshi Syuusuke, of the Syuusuke clan. Both of his parents were dead. And he was left with only the ring of his deceased father. The great ninja warrior, those that battled with honor. He had no idea what to do now. He wished to move back to Ishikawa-mura. He was lonely here, for the only family he brought with him was his mother and father. The others were else-where.

He watched as the water laid there completely calm, and then rippled as he slowly pulled out his various weapons, dropping them from his grasp to have them plummet to the bottom of the ocean slowly. When he reached for his father's ceremonial dagger he froze, for he grasped it with the hand of his father's ring. And there the boy collapsed onto the dock crying.
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The past comes back to us all.
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