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 Jinsoku "Akuma" Nakamura

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PostSubject: Jinsoku "Akuma" Nakamura   Jinsoku "Akuma" Nakamura Icon_minitimeSat Aug 15, 2009 11:01 pm

Jinsoku "Akuma" Nakamura Samurai_by_damashii

+ Character Name: Jinsoku Nakamura
+ Character Alias(s):Swift Demon ; Jinsoku-Akuma
+ Character Gender: Male (男性).
+ Character Age: 14
+ Character Height: 6"0
+ Character Weight: 200 lbs.
+ Character Sexuality: Heterosexual (異性).
+ Character Bloodtype: O Positive (竜の動物変化)
+ Character Birthday: October Sixth (10月6日).
+ Character Sign: Tiger (竜).
+ Character Build: Medium Build (媒体は建てます。)
+ Character Body Fat%: 0.34%.


+ Character Country & Village: Kirigakure No Sato; The Land of Water (水の陸).
+ Character Ranking:High B-Rank
+ Character Title: Samurai Ninja
+ Character Faction: Neutral
+ Character Profession: Assassin


+ Family Name: Nakamura
+ Family Members: Unknown


+ Personality Description: Jinsoku is a verry fun person if u dont get annoyed easily, he likes to mess around with others, alot of times he will act like a cat mostly because he is one.

+ Notable Quotes or Sayings: "Being Sensible Just Isn't Sensible."


+ Primary Archetype: Weapon Specialist
+ Secondary Archetype: Pressure points


+ Character Background:


Being born into Kirigakure, Jinsoku didnt know any talents, years after birth Jinsoku decided go into the academy. found himself to be an expert of taijutsu and weaponry his execution and technique to change it around at his will. One day an unknown samurai ninja came along to his village, being around at the time he saw his techniques on some baddies and helped an old woman with this Jinsoku became instantly amazed and wished to follow this man, hours later he confronted him and asked him to teach him the man said " if i teach you are you ready to undergo my training" in reply Jinsoku said yes, deserting his village of being a ninja he followed this man the training was rigourous and exhausting Jinsoku had passed out many times but the man named Nawagi saw potential and determination within him at age 14 he had taught Jinsoku all he had known and Jinsoku wished to travel different lands, with this he had left Nawagi and traveled but to this very day he still meets up with Nawagi

Armor Under Ripped Haori And Ripped Sihakusyou, Also Wears A Red Scarf And Kasa, Haori Has Kanji On Back Signaling Demon With His Headband Sewn On The Back Collor

Jinsoku "Akuma" Nakamura Assassin

Everyday Attire

Jinsoku "Akuma" Nakamura BL185

(C) Sean's Template
(C) Aj's Backround Idea

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PostSubject: Re: Jinsoku "Akuma" Nakamura   Jinsoku "Akuma" Nakamura Icon_minitimeSun Aug 16, 2009 10:39 pm

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Jinsoku "Akuma" Nakamura
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