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 ;Tsuana Avinya Gitchumi.

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PostSubject: ;Tsuana Avinya Gitchumi.   Mon Aug 17, 2009 3:24 pm

Habbo Name: Actinometer
Full RP Name: Tsuana Avinya Gitchumi.
Nicknames: Ana, Avin.
Age: 20
Gender: Female.
Height: Five Eleven.
Weight: One hundred and sixteen pounds.
Birthplace: Mura.



Tsuana doesn't put up with any bullshit. She's level headed, but can also be very stubborn. She acts as if she is all that, though she knows that she isn't the best out there. Her profession is what she takes pride in.

Items Carried:

+ Dual Katanas are strapped to her back.
+ She also carried money in her pocket.


Tsuana was bored in the village of Mura. She was born to a middle class family, who owned a small farm. When Tsuana was little, she saw many samurais training, and wanted to be like them. She then discovered the way of the ninja. She still studies it, trying to prefect her technique. Tsuana is very intelligent and sneaky. This is what makes her a perfect ninja. Through out her childhood, she worked on the family farm seven days a week. Her mother taught her in the evenings. Tsuana was brought up to believe in the gods and goddesses. Her mother has long since passed away, and her father is a very old man. Tsuana cares after him, alongside her brother, Kublai, when she isn't working.
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PostSubject: Re: ;Tsuana Avinya Gitchumi.   Mon Aug 17, 2009 4:54 pm

I like it. Interesting way to code.

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;Tsuana Avinya Gitchumi.
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