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 Kaza Kage - The Son of Anguish and Harbringer of Honor.

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PostSubject: Kaza Kage - The Son of Anguish and Harbringer of Honor.   Tue Aug 18, 2009 7:04 pm

Habbo Name: Kaza Arohito Kage
Full RP Name: TwinTaio.
Nicknames: Kaza, Kaz, Shogun.
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 147 lbs.
Birthplace: A battlefield make-shift hospital south of Edo


Kaza is a caring and honor-bound character. Becoming the Shogun of Kyoto at such a young age vastly warped his view of right and wrong, changing the world from shades of gray to purely black and white. Although Kaza wishes for nothing more than to be a successful Shogun with the people loving him, he somehow finds ways of polluting this goal.

Items Carried: Kaza very rarely carries weapons with him, however from time to time, he can be seen with the sheath of Father's Katana.


It was as if the clouds themselves were opening and lurching forth their miserable tears of ash and ember however this was the life Kaza was used to, travelling all over Japan and staying in military camps while his father was out enslaving his will into the lives of others. Binding the 'unworthy' and 'inferior' with the shackles of Imperial slavery. Such was the life of the son of a Shogun.

This particular night was eerily different though, the army of Kyoto had just returned from completely razing a village whose inhabitants refused to submit to the will of the Shogunate and seeing as the the Kyoto Military Camp was set downhill of the village, the wind dragged with it not only the smoldering remains of the village and it's charred inhabitants but also the smells of warfare. The smell of each burnt hut, the stench of dead livestock and bitter smell of blood; Blood of innocent woman and children who were lined up and beheaded one by one while the remaining men of the village were forced to watch. The raid had gone surprising well though, very few villagers had escaped before receiving their punishment and corpses even caught fire faster than they normally would, considering that this was a village said to have trained some of the best Shinobi in the land, the eradication was a success.

Kaza entered his mother and father's tent after a long game of chess with his uncle. His father wore his normal scowl of comtemplation while his mother lounged around the tent in a manner fitting only that of the wife of a Shogun. Kaza looked from the face of mother and father as he entered his makeshift bed, and his gaze drifted to the ceiling of the tent as sleep overcame him.

Kaza awake during the night to the sound of what sounded like an argument, as his sight adjusted to the lack of light he noticed to figures wrestling in the darkness. One was a man dressed in all dark clothing, with his face masked and the other he recognized instantaneously as his father. Kaza's body froze as he noticed a third figure on the floor of the tent, his mother's body lay there. Completey still. Her porcelin white skin stained with blood, her neck slightly inflamed where a knife wound lay horizontally across the tender. Kaza's body unfroze long enough for him to see the dark clothed man stab his a tanto into the chest of his father, wrench the blade upwards and then push his writhing body backwards.

For a split second, Kaza froze. During that split second his life had just lost almost all meaning, his parents had just been slain infront of him and his mind was devoid of all thoughts. However, when that split second was over, his mind was fully focused on one thing: Vengeance. Kaza's year of military, and martial arts training kicked in, as well as a full bloody beastial rage. Kaza grabbed for the dagger he was trained to keep with him at all times and charged towards the man. The man, who at this point, Kaza had determined was a Shinobi of the village the Soldiers burnt downt, swung out at Kaza out of pure surprise. Swinging out at Kaza without thinking out his next move went against EVERYTHING the Shinobi were trained to do. The man's lack of preparation left him completely defenseless, this would be his last error in combat. Kaza quickly ducked under the swing and plunged the blade deeply in the flesh under the man's ribs. As the man doubled over, gripping his wound, Kaza quickly swung around and slashed at a spot in the back he would knew would disable the man. The Shinobi lay there on the ground, paralyzed from Kaza's attack. The look in the man's eye said that he wished to die now, however Kaza would not give him the sweet release of death. Yet. Kaza cut off the hand that the Shinobi used to kill his mother and father before plunging the dagger into the throat of the attacker.

Drench in blood, and shaking from the adrenaline, Kaza lunged out of tent to see the guards who were posted infront of the tent were slain and another Shinobi standing nearby, partially camoflagued by the eery darkness of the night. Kaza wanted to plunge his dagger into the chest of this Shinobi as well, but before he could, his body was completely drained of energy and fell to the ground. Kaza was not aware that the first Shinobi actually HAD struck him with his unprepared attack, and he slowly bled from a wound on his side.

The second Shinobi slowly advanced on Kaza, but before the Shinobi could inflict any damage, his face contorted in anguished as a katana ripped through his neck from the back. Kaza's uncle, Reikon Kage, beheaded the Shinobi, right there on the spot before he was able to make his fatal blow. Kaza passed out from bloodloss and fatigue after seeing this.

This is all you need to know about the past of Kaza Arohito Kage.

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PostSubject: Re: Kaza Kage - The Son of Anguish and Harbringer of Honor.   Tue Aug 18, 2009 7:56 pm

Very Happy Reikon to the rescue xD
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PostSubject: Re: Kaza Kage - The Son of Anguish and Harbringer of Honor.   Tue Aug 18, 2009 8:36 pm

Approved =] .
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PostSubject: Re: Kaza Kage - The Son of Anguish and Harbringer of Honor.   

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Kaza Kage - The Son of Anguish and Harbringer of Honor.
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