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 Miyake "The Marksman" Haruko.

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PostSubject: Miyake "The Marksman" Haruko.   Thu Aug 20, 2009 9:30 pm

lGeneral Informationl
+ Name: Miyake Ryuujirô Haruko
+ Alias: The Marksman.
+ Height (ft): 5'9".
+ Age: 20.
+ Weight (lbs/kgs.) 170lbs.
+ Gender: Male.
+ Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual.
+ Blood Type: A.
+ Zodiac Sign: Taurus.
+ Likes: Lounging around, Women, Sake.
+ Dislikes: Fighting. Working Hard.
+ Acquaintances: None As Of Yet.
lPersonal Informationl

+ Clan: Haruko.
+ Clan Loyalty: 95%
+ Physical Outlook: Miyake is a lazy man. He prefers to lounge around Kyoto, than do actual work. Though he loves to train.
+ Personality Summary: Miyake is a very serious person, though very lazy. He rather likes to sit back and watch people, to learn how they act, and how he should treat them. Miyake usually does all of his speaking with his actions. He takes care of his comrades, and even his enemies. If he deems his enemy to be honorful enough, he will even spare them a death.



+ Hooded Archer's Light Armor: Miyake wears a VERY much lighter robed version of a Haruko family samurai's armor. It gives him about 55% of protection, and the rest is for mobility.

+ Sheathed Wakizashi: Miyake has a sheathed wakizashi for close combat at his waist.

+ Ivory Flatbow: Miyake wields a flatbow, similar to the one used by Native Americans. He saw the design in a trade, as his father is a trader.


+ Background Information: Miyake grew up on the military side of things in Edo. His father was a well renowned Archer, who retired from the military and became a trader. He taught Miyake how to master the bow, and how to captain a ship. When a battle had began in the wars, his father was called to combat again, and died in combat. Miyake was then later adopted by Hideki Haruko, and joined the Haruko clan. He adopted their name, and pledged his full loyalty to his new father and mother.

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PostSubject: Re: Miyake "The Marksman" Haruko.   Thu Aug 20, 2009 11:16 pm

I think that guy has boobs.
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PostSubject: Re: Miyake "The Marksman" Haruko.   Fri Aug 21, 2009 12:20 am

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PostSubject: Re: Miyake "The Marksman" Haruko.   

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Miyake "The Marksman" Haruko.
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