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 Syuusuke, Takashi.

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PostSubject: Syuusuke, Takashi.   Syuusuke, Takashi. Icon_minitimeSun Aug 23, 2009 4:24 am

Quote :

Syuusuke, Takashi. Cce9844a347c2ec44f9ca5f5847cc3131234289281_full
Real Life Version.

Syuusuke, Takashi. Sword
Anime Version.

Quote :

Takashi Syuusuke
The Prodigy.
The Legendary Ronin.
Syuusuke, Takashi.

Habbo Hotel Usernames:

` jamesehhh
` Dodecahedron.
` Neuralyzer
` UchihaSasuke98


In Character Information.

Full Character Name: Takashi Syuusuke. (Syuusuke, Takashi.)

Character Age: 21.

Character Class: Ninja // Archer.

Alignment: Neutral.

Sex: Male.



Height: 5'7.

Weight: 119lbs.

Hair: Takashi's hair is a dark brown colour that shines in the darkness and is easily mistaken for a blackish colour. But when in the sunlight, it looks almost blonde.

Eyes: They are very dark as he is asian and in the sunlight, it glows like a butterscotch kind of colour.

Skin: Fairly rough, a few bumps by his muscles, (IKR) many scars on his chest and on his right arm, there is a faint burn mark on it that is easily visible.

Attire: On casual occasions, he wears a dark brown wooly cardigan with a chequered top underneath and has dark grey trousers and wears the standard sandals with obi. Although, when he is walking around with his weapons, he tends to wear a purple hoody that conceals his face, a green scard, a red flower headpiece to symbolize his noble lineage and has a christian cross symbol. He also has the same kind of attire below his waist.

Syuusuke, Takashi. 1_177320189l



Takashi is very laid back and tends to be very flirtish around women. Although extremely lazy and lax about rules, he is incredibly smart and has a very high IQ. He hates fighting and working and just wants to go to sleep and eat. He is very greedy and enjoys sleeping in the daytime and sleeping at the night. He is respected by many other ninjas as he is famed for his ability of stealth and he is very loyal to the person he works for. He is honourable to famous people and always bows down first before they bow down.


Takashi was brought up by adoptive parents: Tezuka and Ryuuzaki with his adoptive brother, Sadaharu. Sadaharu and Takashi were very close together and they trained in the martial arts together nearly every single day. Tezuka owned a dojo nearby their house so Tezuka and his kids went there twice a week to train. Soon, Takashi soon mastered Martial Arts with his brother and they went onto a few tournaments. In the tournament, Sadaharu was beaten in the first round but Takashi stayed there until the finals when he fought his father as he participated in the tournament also. They had a long fight with each other until eventually, Takashi beat him. Sadaharu was very upset about his loss and continued training by himself, leaving Takashi.

Because of them seperating from each other, Takashi ran away and hid in dojos. He made deals with a few dojos that if he defeats all the members in the dojo, then he could stay there for a week. Whilst doing this, he still took martial arts lessons and soon took on archery lessons. Being skilled with a bow, he soon left and wandered around the country, looking for worthy people to face. He then met a family and he soon took refuge with them and stays in one of their spare rooms until he can finally afford to buy a new place.


` Flirting.
` Sleeping.
` Eating.
` Spying.


` Fighting.
` Working.
` Rejection.
` Scolded.



Syuusuke, Takashi. Epe1
Longbow with Arrow.

Syuusuke, Takashi. Tanto
Tanto with Sheath.

Syuusuke, Takashi. Orient1
Katana with Sheath.

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PostSubject: Re: Syuusuke, Takashi.   Syuusuke, Takashi. Icon_minitimeSun Aug 23, 2009 4:33 am

Uh, sir, do realize this is the year 1472.
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PostSubject: Re: Syuusuke, Takashi.   Syuusuke, Takashi. Icon_minitimeMon Aug 24, 2009 2:39 am

you wouldn't be able to use A tanto, Katana & bow. i'd just use one and master in it, that would make sense icly. they all specialized in 1. Tanto/Katana would be around the same basist and could operate with the other but they still operate completely differently.
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PostSubject: Re: Syuusuke, Takashi.   Syuusuke, Takashi. Icon_minitimeMon Aug 24, 2009 9:22 am

i didn't say i was master of a tanto. i just use it for back-up, not for anything major.
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Syuusuke, Takashi. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Syuusuke, Takashi.   Syuusuke, Takashi. Icon_minitime

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Syuusuke, Takashi.
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