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 Kuro Sune-Ku (Shadow Fang Clan)

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PostSubject: Kuro Sune-Ku (Shadow Fang Clan)   Kuro Sune-Ku (Shadow Fang Clan) Icon_minitimeSun Aug 23, 2009 2:28 pm

Kuro Sune-Ku

_The Court\
-Ashi Shiika'
-Arima Shinboko

_The Council\
- Sergei Iskov

-Syu Kujoken

Recently established, they are an underground Rebel group not verry well known. They like to keep it that way. They formed when Ashi Shiika' came to the Lotus Tavern and met Arima. They become good friends and started discussing politics and different well known clans. They came up with the idea to form a small organization and base it at the Lotus Tavern. They started selling simple things like produce and food. then Ashi found out how to grow Mushrooms with drug like properties and started selling those as well. Eventually they had a small empire between the two of them. They then recruited the Russian, Sergei Iskov as a member of their Council. He supplied them with many different weapons coming from Russia in shipment boats. They then began recruiting Legion soldiers and the likes of Syu Kujoken.

The Lotus Tavern;

Kuro Sune-Ku (Shadow Fang Clan) TANEKO15-480
Kuro Sune-Ku (Shadow Fang Clan) Taneko2

_Basic Information\
/They illegally sell many different weapons.
/They illegally sell hallucinogenic mushrooms. (Shrooms)
/They legally sell produce and other standard goods.
/They are based in Eastern Kyoto.
/They Do most of their dealing in the Lotus Tavern.

Notorious for their art in Assasination. either by using the brute force of Ashi or the stealthiness of Arima. They are an incredible team able to take down many a force. They are not publicised in any way for their assasinations though. They are known to confront people after ovhearing conversations.

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Kuro Sune-Ku (Shadow Fang Clan)
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