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 The Hwacha.

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The Hwacha. Empty
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Go To URL for an actual video.
The Hwacha a large weaponry weapon constructed by Mayashi Hayate. this weapon has been used in many wars and is now known as a "black marketed" Weapon. it costs 250,00 yen. this weapon is said to be only found within a large building in Kyoto. the building is said to have constant guards around it. these are sold only to few people, for the limits and time it takes to create each and every one. and also the cause of damage it can cause.
[b]A Bit of how it works:
after having a main set which has many cylander tubes within it, the max they have is 250 tubes. the base has only two purposes, to hold and angle the Hwacha. then it comes with a unique set of arrows, these arrows are 3/4 of a meter long. they can either be attached with gun powder at it's end to send off an explosion on contact. being able to explode a being. the arrows that are attached with gun powder are 15,000 Yen each. and the ones without are 5,000 each. it is said that these will only be sold to those families or clans that pay higher, or need the extra boost.
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The Hwacha.
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