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 Ryo Mizuno ≈;

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Name - Ryo Mizuno
Nickname - Miz
Habbo name - Father-Bear
Age - Twenty
Height - Five foot, Eleven
Birthplace - Edo
Weight - One hundred, Fifty three
Resides - Osaka

- - - - - - -

Hair - Onyx Black
Skin - Slightly Pale
Eyes - Light Blue
Physique - Medium Build
Attire - Leather coat, Formal white under shirt/Dress pants
Weapon of choice - Pole arm, Throwing blades
Alignment - Nuteral
Class - Merchant

- - - - - - -


Born & raised with his family in Edo, He was son of a Shogun . Ryo was raised to be respect full and trained in the martial arts. He learned this at a you age & Followed it as he grew older. Instead of going under the ways of power and order Ryo went to trade. He loved to earn yen when ever he could.
As he grew older Ryo sold many of his personal items to trade and buy new items. He became skilled in persuasion and speech. We worked under a skilled Merchent by the name of Hirum Troshi. Hirum taught he how to look for good deals around the market & buy low sell high. After Hirum passed away from old age Ryo moved on and out of the city of Edo.
Ryo moved in with his cousin in Osaka. He had to get away from the Palace life and being served to. Ryo wanted to see the world at its true. He lived in the city of Osaka for many years, still being a merchant. He purchesed a rice farm from a man at the age of nineteen. Workign to make it the best he could soon he found himself exporting Rice into the major citys earning him a discent amount of yen.
After working for a year in the rice business he sold the farm in good profit to a new farmer. He looked around the city or new invesements but this time its time to move on, Rejoin his family in Edo. Be with his brothers again and carry on the Mizuno name.

- - - - - - -

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Ryo Mizuno ≈; Empty
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Ryo Mizuno ≈;
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