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 Jonouchi Renso

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Habbo Name:Blaze820
Full RP Name:Joey Allan Renso (Name changed to Jonouchi Espa Renso)
Nicknames:The Silent Traveler

Appearance:He has a darkish blonde hair color. Because of a birth defect his eyes are blood red. He is usually wearing dark worn clothing. The clothing has some holes in it from battle scars. A scar is going over his left eye.
Personality:He is always quiet and will not talk to you unless you somehow gain his trust. He is always focused and confident and it is almost impossible to break his confidence. He is very brave.
Items Carried:He has a small claw on his left hand placed on his middle finger. It is sharp enough to cut through a bone if fully sharpened. Inside his left pocket is a poisoned needle. this poison is strong enough to give somebody a slow and painful death if inside the blood long enough. In his right pocket is another needle. These needle is covered in a special medicine which is the only known cure for the poison in the other needle. He has a retractable spear hidden in his left sleeve. If he tries to press on his wrist it will activate the spear to fly out. (Both the claw and the retractable spear were created before the 15th century)

Background/History:Jonouchi grew up on the streets of Ireland until the age of 20. Being on the streets he has learned many different ways to survive. His parents were both killed before or during his birth and he grew up as an orphan. He wound up in many street fights and wound up with amnesia because of a blow to the head. He doesn't remember anything before that day. He traveled around Ireland after that day until I found a combat training camp. He enrolled there and has been trained in many different combat styles since then. After he graduated he left the camp and traveled to the sea. He wanted to travel and smuggled himself onto a ship. The ship traveled to Japan and when he got off there he stayed for a while, still living on the streets. He stays alive by working as a bandit, and can be hired as an assassin if needed to be. Today he travels Japan, searching for an easy way to live off of.
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Jonouchi Renso
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