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 Azrial Matsude ;; Lotus of Eternal Agony

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PostSubject: Azrial Matsude ;; Lotus of Eternal Agony   Azrial Matsude ;; Lotus of Eternal Agony Icon_minitimeTue Aug 18, 2009 12:58 am

X.Azrial // Matsude.X

Basic Information

Azrial Matsude ;; Lotus of Eternal Agony Rmnvrb

Habbo ; USMP2
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Character Name ; Azrial Matsude

Age ; 26

Sex ; Male

Allignment ; Dishonorable

Hair ; Black

Height ; 6.3

Weight ; 165

Class/Rank ; Ronin - Daimyo

Region ; Osaka

Clan ; Wu-Tang (In Progress)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Like's ; Obediance, Power, Total Control, Alcohol, War

Dislike's ; Harmony, Weakness, Being Powerless, Unnecessary Kindness, Slackers

Maritial Status ; Single

Birth Place ; Edo

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


<§>Bak Mei Kung Fu<§>

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


[Shinigami - Oni Mask of Death]
Azrial Matsude ;; Lotus of Eternal Agony Japan%20Noh%20Mask-a
This mask was crafted by a world renowned craftsman in Edo for Azrial Matsude. There are no special properties about this mask

[死の脈動食 - Pulsating Death]
Azrial Matsude ;; Lotus of Eternal Agony DemonSlayerFantasyKatana_540
This sword was crafted by the Shogun's personal blacksmith for Azrial Matsude when he was born. It is stainless steel, The blade is 36 inches long compared to the average 30 inch blades. The handle is also slightly longer. The sheath is made out of an unknown wood.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Living Family ; n/a

Deceased Family ; Mother, Father Brother

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Azrial was the second born of a Japanese Military General. Azrial and his older brother Heiroku were raised in riches. Having private tutors, combat instructors and personal tacticians to help train the sons to become extraordinary military tactitions like there father one day. Growing up, Heiroku was always the favorite. He would spend the day with his father, he would be the one apprenticing under him, and he would be the one to take his place when he resigns.

Azrial's father was a very strict teacher and a harsh father, he was very leniant on Heiroku being that he was the first born, but Azrial was given no slack. Azrial and Heiroku were given seperate tutors/instructors. The brother's mother was slain while Azrial was eight, after that Azrial became more distant from his father, his father practically forgot about him.

Over the years Azrial was still distanced from his father, knowing only his instructors as his friends and family. Azrial's combat instructor / Military Tactitionist was in a way a philosipher, teaching many things that if viewed by the shogun or any military official such as his father he would be slaughtered for treasonistical thoughts. He taught Azrial about Gods of Death, or the Shinigami. They are the world's ultimate judges, they are immortals that get to judge all humanity. The Shinigami were originally Dieties that embodied hatred and darkness, but eventually was used by the church as a scare tactic.

Azrial became an exceptionally good fighter in the way of the samurai, but also having amazing potential as a military tactition. Azrial was far more advanced then his elder brother, but his father could never admit that his second born would totally eclipse his first borns radiance. Azrial Eventually gained a small hatred for his father, always picking Heiroku over him just because he was four years older. The murderer of their mother was still not to be found and the royal guard eventually stopped there investigation under his father's orders.

Azrial began to excel in his combat classes, eventually being trained by numerous samurai from the shogun's army. Training under their guidance until he was nineteen while still apprenticing under his tactical teacher, Azrial became empty on the inside. One day while with his tacticl instructor he mentioned that he had heard a rumor about the murderer of his mother, and that supposedly a samurai positioned a few miles away in a neighboring small village knew the identity of the killer, so Azrial took it upon himsel to make it his duty to find out the answer to the question that he has been waiting for all of these years.

Azrial left no notice of where he was going, but he just picked up and left in the middle of the night. He made it there in about 12 hours, making his way to the bar that the samurai is usually seen at. He asked around and eventually found the man he was looking for. Azrial stated that he knew that the samurai had been withholding information from the world about the murder of his mother, but stated that the military does not want the identity of the murderer to get out, he then left the bar. Azrial who was pissed off now decided to trail the samurai back to his residence and make him tell Azrial the identity by any means necessary. After a fifteen minute stroll in the night Azrial arrived at a small cottage where the samurai resided. Azrial snuck into the cottage through a small window an hour later when the samurai was sound asleep. Once He reached the sleeping mat, Azrial proceeded to stomp the samurai out. Waking up with haste, and exhaustion the samurai was outraged by the rudeness and violent acts comitted by Azrial. The Samurai tried to fight Azrial off with his sword, but Azrials swordsmanship blew the samurai's away. The samurai then begging for his life, promised that he would give Azrial the identity of his mother's murderer. The samurai sword on his life that it was Azrial's own father that comitted this hurendous act. Outraged, Azrial slaughtered the man before him and slowly made his way back to Edo to see his father. Once Azrial arrived back in Edo, he requested a meeting with his tactitional instructor and informed him of what he had learned, and of the unforgivable act that Azrial comitted. His instructor was not pleased with what he had heard, but forgave Azrial and made an oath to do whatever it takes for Azrial to get his well deserved revenge.

Azrial wanted to murder his father that very night, but his instructor had other plans. Azrial was in no condition to take on the Imperial guards and such that his father was constantly surrounded by. His instructor said that if he was caught theyd both be sentenced to death immediately. So Azrial and his instructor to fake his own death and train for another year before finally taking on his father. So that night, the estate that Azrial resided in while apprenticing his instructors, was set ablaze and there were no questions asked. Azrial's father was not concerned about his son's death, the day after he was notified of it he continued to train his eldest son and act like nohing had happened.

A year passed, and Azrial advanced greatly in swordsmanship and hand-to-hand combat. They still had a few obstacles though. Azrial if seen, would instantly be killed for faking his death so his instructor had a local craftsman fashion him a shinigami oni mask. Later that night after going over the basic blueprints of the small military base on the outskirts of Edo, Azrial set off onto what may be his final journey. He approached the building and masked himself and proceeded to make his way into the base. Upon entering the building, two samurai spotted him and charged towards him. Azrial ducked down and slid between them, quickly afterward lunged his sword out and decapitated the two men. He ran passed them now, trying to make his way to the center of the base as quick as he could. He had another three minutes of peace avoiding guard and stuff, but eventually he was seen and he was surrounded by five samurai, and his father watched grom the window above. Azrial ducked down and did a spin kick knocking them all off of balance, then rushing over taking a katana of theres and dual weilding them, As they started to get up he spun around slicing two men in the chest, and grabbed his new katana and impaled it into another samurai;s chect. with two left he ran at them ducked down quickly and slid between the gap between them and cut open there achilles tendents and just walked away from them. He finally made it to the base's center and his father was there with his other son Heiroku and two politicians. he pointed his bloody katana at his father and ran at him, he jumped over his brother and the two others and stabbed his father from the back right through his chest, He then twisted the blade quickly and then withdrew the blade. Heiroku enraged grabbed a katana and started yelling at Azrial. Azrial then withdrew his mask momentarily and showed his face two the three men, and then remasked himself. His brother charged at him but slipped on his father's blood so at that moment Azrial lunged forward and slit his throat. He then stated to the two politicians. :Tell the shogun, tell the emporer, heck hide it from the public I dont care, I will bring out the truth of the corruption slowly happening in out military. Azrial then fled from the base. Upon return, his former instructor asked him how it had went, but gasped when he learned that he showed himself to the officials, stating that now he will not be able to live a normal life. Azrial stated that "it would be better this way, I was already dead to the world once so whit not keep it that way".

In Progress

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PostSubject: Re: Azrial Matsude ;; Lotus of Eternal Agony   Azrial Matsude ;; Lotus of Eternal Agony Icon_minitimeTue Aug 18, 2009 5:37 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Azrial Matsude ;; Lotus of Eternal Agony   Azrial Matsude ;; Lotus of Eternal Agony Icon_minitime

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Azrial Matsude ;; Lotus of Eternal Agony
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