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 [伊来若] Iraijya

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PostSubject: [伊来若] Iraijya   [伊来若] Iraijya Icon_minitimeTue Aug 18, 2009 2:32 am

Habbo Name: Deposited
Full RP Name: [ 伊来若 ] Iraijya [ Unknown Last Name. ];
[ 悪夢 ] Nightmare
[ 夢 ] The Dream
Age: [ 未知の時代 ] Unknown Age
Gender: [ 男性 ] Male
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 139 lbs.
Birthplace: [ 江戸 ] Edo

Appearance: [伊来若] Iraijya AnimeGuy
[ 原油 ] Crude
[ おかしい ] Funny
[ 幸福 ] Happy
Items Carried:
[ Sakabato ]
[伊来若] Iraijya Handmade_kenshin
[ 円のバッグ ] Bag of Yen
[ 小さい短剣 ] Small Dagger
[ Child : 3 - 12 ]
as a young boy [ 3 ] iraijya was tought to use the Sakabato [ blade with the curve. ] Iraiyjya's father, slaughtered his mother, for no apparent reason, and him and Iraijya fought. Iraijya not being the best was defeated, and fled.
Iraijya went into an unknown region, and trained, 'till his arms were numb, 'till his legs where almost broke, till his skull was cracked, till he couldn't move. this happened, and he recovered his wounds, and went to his father, defeating him.
[ age 12 ]
[ Teen : 13 - 18 ]
as he turned 13, iraijya was truly poor, for his family was knocked out, he was homeless, he had barely any yen. Iraijya began to steal, and kill for money, acheieving his way through life, [ 14 - 17 ].
soon he was hired to kill one man, who was of little importance to the Police, but of the gangs, he was decent, and of course.. he slaughtered him. [ 18 ]
[ Young Adult 19 - ? ]

Iraijya walked from the ports of edo onto the boat, away from edo, to the forest. [ 19 ] Iraijya disappeared for about 3 years. and came back stronger then ever, people soon lost track of the age, now no one knows how old the man Iraijya is, for it's been more then 5 years now, but no certantity.

[ 生命がドラマ、および死に関するものでなければ、私は、どんな人生がおよそそうであるかを知りません。]

" If life isn't about drama, and death, I don't know what life is about. " - Iraijya
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PostSubject: Re: [伊来若] Iraijya   [伊来若] Iraijya Icon_minitimeTue Aug 18, 2009 11:25 pm

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[伊来若] Iraijya
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