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 [シグルイ] Shigurui

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PostSubject: [シグルイ] Shigurui   [シグルイ] Shigurui Icon_minitimeTue Aug 18, 2009 4:16 am

Quote :

[シグルイ] Shigurui Shinobisatobyjofsuarez

- Nindo:
"A dying man needs to die, as a sleepy man needs to sleep,
and there comes a time when it is wrong, as well as useless, to resist. . "


- Character Name: Kuromaru, Ishi [黒丸 いし]
- Character Alias: Shigurui [シグルイ, Death Frenzy]
- Character Age: 30s?
- Character Height: 5'10''
- Character Weight: 163lbs
- Birthplace: Osaka, Japan

- Residence: Yamanote (Near Edo), Japan
- Profession: Mercenary
- Alignment: Neutral

- Personality Description: He really doesn't care, even when it comes down to being honest. Human life? Rebirth. Shigurui isn't afraid of death; why else would he swing that blade around? Killing people is what he does, so there's no reason for him not to be cold-hearted. If you really want to know about him, you'll get to know him up-close and personal; the day of your death.

- Inventory:
[1] Sheathed Katana
[2] Sheathed Tanto
[~] Draped Kasa
[~] Unique Jounin Coat
[~] Flowing Hakama
[~] Samurai Armour
-- [1] Fundoshi (Loincloth)
-- [1] Kobakama (Breeches)
-- [2] Kiahan (Gaiters)
-- [2] Waraji (Sandals)
-- [2] Suneate (Shin Guards)
-- [2] Haidate (Thigh Guards)
-- [2] Yugake (Gloves)
-- [2] Kote (Sleeves)
-- [2] Wakibiki (Armpit Protector)
-- [1] Do (Body armour)
-- [1] Uwa obi (Belt)
-- [2] Sode (Shoulder guards)
-- [1] Nodowa (Throat Protection)
-- [1] Hachimaki (Head cloth)
-- [1] Kabuto (Helmet)

- Acquired Skills:

[剣術] Kenjutsu: The way of the sword concerning the katana, odachi or tanto.
[居合術] Iaijutsu: art of mental presence and immediate reaction.
[抜刀術] Battojutsu: The art of drawing your sword from the sheathe; Interchangeably to Iaijutsu.
[手裏剣術] Shurikenjutsu: The shinobi art of throwing shuriken accurately & quickly.
[武道] Bujutsu: The art of hand to hand combat or martial arts.
[体捌き] Tai-Sabaki: Ability to move position in combat with precise footwork.
[柔術] Jujutsu: an art of weaponless fighting employing holds, throws, and paralyzing blows to subdue or disable an opponent
[体変術] Taihenjutsu: Evasion. Typically depends on skills that require the user to have a fair degree of spatial awareness.

[シグルイ] Shigurui Samuraichamploo

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PostSubject: Re: [シグルイ] Shigurui   [シグルイ] Shigurui Icon_minitimeTue Aug 18, 2009 4:46 am

Nah I'm alright thanks. I think Orisha will keep away from your char ;] LOL
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[シグルイ] Shigurui
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