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 Osamu Yuudai

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Osamu Yuudai __Shinobi___Kyo_by_ProdigyBombay

Habbo Name: Lord-Tyreece
Full RP Name: Osamu Yuudai
Nicknames: " The Wise Ruler "
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Height: 5`6
Weight: 147
Birthplace: Edo


Personality: "Kind" "Smart" "PeaceFul" "Blood Thirsty"

Items Carried:
+ Katana
+ Robes
+ Flak Jacket
+ Kunai`s


Short Story I:

Long ago, when the Villages of Kyoto, Edo, Osaka were in Peace, a Young boy
was born. but before he became a true, Boy he was passed threw many expectations,
he was gonna be one of the great's, as he was growing up war broke up threw.
the tree clans, He was trained to not fear, to not back away but to fight !

Short Story II:

While he was still getting ready for the battle, Osaka and Kyoto, charged threw the Edo, Front gates his Father Kyoraku Yuudai, charged in the front lines, and that`s where Osamu's Story begins.

Short Story III:

"Father !"

"Son, stay here. I Have to Help my comrades. If I Do Fall, You will have to Take the Family"
"NO !"
But before, he could say anything else his Father, Rush's to the front gates to protect the Edo Clan. Hours, while the battle went on, the Edo Clan successfully pushed the two clans back, from there gates. But Only Multiple of Men were loss, But they were the great one's, Most of them were the Elderly and Rested Soldiers , As Bodies lay on the front steps of Edo's Gates.. Blood trickling down the ground floor. A Voice cried out.

Short Story IIII:

"Father, Father !"
No one else Responded, his first glimpse of his father was on the ground, he ran towards him crying out his name, but he didn't respond... Right before he reached his body a voice burst out..
"Son, Leave me to Rest. These Will be my last Words.. "
" Protect the Family, Die With Honor, And Never Give Up. "

"No Father ! Don't Leave ! "

The father boy, leaves out his last breath before resting his day's as a shinobi.

Short Story IIIII:

Year's Later the boy trained hard and well, Till he Finally earned the Right to lead a Campaign Against the two clans, he slammed threw each clan mercilessly, he only loses few threw out his Campaign. but one thing still bothered him, It wasn't Enough. The young Warrior, still fights for his clan with pride and honor !

Last Part:

Before, they reached home, they were intercepted with. Thousands of Soldiers infront of them, Osamu Yuudai's Soldiers were tired.. so he took a risk, Which would gamble his title,

"Men ! If you Die, I Sha'll Die with You. We will Not Back Down, We sha'll Win This War !

"Hoo-Rah !"

"Men of Edo, If i Die, I'm Lucky to Die Beside you !"

" Hoo-Rahh !" Sounding a bit Louder

" Now Today, we Dine in Hell ! "


" Hoo-Rah "
" Hoo-Rah "
" Hoo-Rah "

Osamu's Men charges threw the enemy lines, with strategic skill and with great speed, the Battle didn't last long due to limited men on the other side. The Men of Edo, Yells out loud,
with Joy. Osamu's title is still with him. the Last of words, of Osamu was ..

"Is there No One Else? "

Color Listings:

- Kyoraku Yuudai

- Soldiers

Red - Osamu Yuudai
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PostSubject: Re: Osamu Yuudai   Osamu Yuudai Icon_minitimeTue Aug 18, 2009 5:05 pm

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Osamu Yuudai
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