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 Kyru Himidra

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Habbo Name: xKILLEOx
Full RP Name: Kyru Himidra
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 180
Birthplace: Osaka

Appearance: Dark Robes. Red tattoo on cheek, just below the eye. Eyes are almost silver, mostly white.
Personality: Quiet, mostly just layed back. Quick to help, also quick to be angered.
Items Carried: Two daggers, and a Katana. The Daggers look custom forged, as well as the Katana


From Osaka, Kyru trained as a ninja. Honing his skills to use stealth and quick killing moves to accomplish his goals.

His parents are unkown, though there are rumors of them living in Osaka, but Kyru just refuses to find them because they gave him up as a baby.

His child life was harsh. People picked on him since he was five. It inspired him to train to be strong and cunning. At age ten he finally gained the respect of a few of his bullies, but the rest refused to like him. By the time Kyru turned sixteen, his bullies started challenging him to fights, and he would win them. The "head" bully thought he could cheat in their fight by using a knife to cut Kyru's face. Kyru got hit just below his eye, but while he was being cut, he gripped the bullys arm and threw him into a food stand, then he fled. The cut healed, but it scarred. When he turned seventeen, he got a red tattoo put over the scar.
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Kyru Himidra
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