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Shinpou [信頼] Mugen_style_by_CircadianTwilight

- Nindo:
"We will let fate descide the results of your life"


- Character Name: Hanagata, Rei [華麗さゼロ]
- Character Alias: Shinpou [信頼 Faith]
- Character Age: 29.
- Character Height: 6'1''
- Character Weight: 175lbs
- Birthplace: Edo, Japan.

- Residence: Yamanote (Near Edo), Japan
- Profession: Mercenary
- Alignment: Neutral

- Personality Description: Rei loves to eat and talk his mind to other people. He doesn't have problems when it comes to killing people. He loves money and will mostlikely do anything for it. However, he does not like when people fiddle with his money and can quickly lose his temper.

- Inventory:
[1] Sheathed Katana
[1] Mace
[1] Sheathed Tanto
[~] Black Haori
[~] Turquoise Hakama
[~] Samurai Armour

- Acquired Skills:

[剣術] Kenjutsu: The way of the sword concerning the katana, odachi or tanto.
[手裏剣術] Shurikenjutsu: The shinobi art of throwing shuriken accurately & quickly.
[武道] Bujutsu: The art of hand to hand combat or martial arts.
[体捌き] Tai-Sabaki: Ability to move position in combat with precise footwork.
[柔術] Jujutsu: an art of weaponless fighting employing holds, throws, and paralyzing blows to subdue or disable an opponent

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Shinpou [信頼]
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