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 Satoshi Hisao

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PostSubject: Satoshi Hisao   Satoshi Hisao Icon_minitimeThu Aug 20, 2009 4:14 am

Habbo Name: -ForgetMe-
Full RP Name: Satoshi Hisao
Nicknames: "Black Blade Satoshi"
Age: 16
Height: 5'10
Weight: 145 lbs
Birthplace: No State. A Poor Village On the Outskirts of Edo

Appearance: Satoshi Hisao Sasuke-51222222
Personality: Satoshi Hisao, simply put, is Outtgoing. He likes attention, and in some instances,hungers for it. His personality make him a sunny spot to people having a bad day, and he can't help but being comical at times. He has a loyal air to himself as well. His loyalty makes him an amazing friend and of course, ally
Items Carried: Midnight-Black Meitou [A Black Katana, With Red Streaks On The Non Cutting Edge Side.]

Satoshi Hisao, Grew up in a poor Village, on the outskirts of Edo. He moves throughout the area with his father.. Satoshi and his father wandered alot.. His father was a Swordsman.. A good one at that.. His father carrier the Legendary Meitou:Shuushi. A Midnight Black Meitou.. That someone people have only seen in their dreams. Satoshi and his father, Tarveled to this poor Place, called Hokkiado. One of the Legendary Samurai's Live there, Concealed.. Satoshi Inspired to be him, and was taught all the ways of a Samurai, but never actually considered himself a samurai for that matter. A few years Passed, And Satoshi was 15.. a Great Swordsman, at the age of 15, And.. His Father was Killed, By the Legendary Samurai who lived there.. For stealing.. he stole food, so that he could support Satoshi..

Satoshi was shocked.. tears moving from his eyes, as the towns people laughed at his fathers dead body.. Their laughter and ignorance made Satoshi's Blood Boil.. Satoshi did one thing, which he never regretted.. He killed The whole village.. including the Legendary Samurai.. He fled the Village, and killed a few Marine's And Samurai's.. He's Killed Bandits, And Much much more.. Satoshi has caused alot of trouble, through his wanders, and well.. He earned himself a bounty of 10 million yen. Satoshi Travels till this Very Day
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Satoshi Hisao
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