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 Ashi Shiika'

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PostSubject: Ashi Shiika'   Ashi Shiika' Icon_minitimeThu Aug 20, 2009 4:51 pm

<>Habbo Name: Eman1016
<>Full RP Name: Ashi Shiika'
<>Age: 30
<>Gender: Male
<>Height: 7'2"
<>Weight: 628 Lbs.
Ashi Shiika' TwinBlade2
Ashi Shiika' TwinBlade
<>Personality: Verry Kind but with a verry short temper.

Tykou Cleaver;
Ashi Shiika' Guan_ping

Odachi Katana;
Ashi Shiika' Bigdaolg

Giant Kusarigama;
Ashi Shiika' Kusarigama

Born in the Outskirts of Japan in an uninhabited forest, Ashi was always very large as he is today. Much bigger then a child his age should have been. He had no friends due to them living so far away from the other towns. When he was a young boy he harvested lumber in the surrounding forest with his father, and his older brother. When he turned fourteen he began to gain an interest in martial arts and he started training himself in the nearbye woods. One day an old man who was travlling on through noticed him doing so. This "old man" was a martial arts master known only as Kurigoma Sensai. Hwe befriended the young boy and every week as he made his travels through the woods he would train young Ashi in the ways of the warrior. After his father died a meer two years later he continued the family buisness to the discretion of his mother. Young Ashi had begone to turn into a man taking care of his mother and older brother. His older brother Kino didn't like this at all and abandoned them bolth for the luxury of the city. A month later Ashi's mother fell ill to malaria and died in her sleep. Ever since then Ashi never looked back and ventured forth to the city like his brother did. He was twenty, young and naieve. He went into the nearest town to try to do something else with his life, but he hadn't a clue. He began trading goods as a vendor in this small town at the advice of Kurigoma Sensai. He did this for a few more years untill the death of his beloved martial arts master. When Kurigoma Sensai died, he passed down his beloved Tykou cleaver that he wield in battle many times before. Ashi was compelled to join the military, not as a noble samurai, or a stealthy ninja, just as a standard soldier. Fighting many battles and winning them all, he was a well known man, and an even better known warrior. When he left the military he was twenty nine. He decided to become a vendor again, and that's just what he did.
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Ashi Shiika'
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