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 Japan RP: Clan Rules / CLAN WARFARE!

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PostSubject: Japan RP: Clan Rules / CLAN WARFARE!   Mon Aug 17, 2009 10:29 pm

So, you and your buddies / in game family but none of you know how?

Well, first of all, to start a clan, you need a minimum of three people to be willing to join, a badge and you need to post your new clan for approval in the forums. Once you get approved then you're now a clan. But what happens once you expand?

- Once you have 3-5 people in your group, you're in the "Clan" stage.
- Once you have 6-7 people in your group, you're in the "Family" stage.
- Once you have 8 people in your group, you're in the "Empire" stage.

At moment, You can ONLY have 8 people in your clan / family. Once the RP gets bigger, this cap will either rise or get taken away.

You may have noticed that the Three major Cities have Shogun / Clan Hierachies. You may be wondering if you can ever become Shogun of a City. Well, I'm about to tell you that you can. :]


Lets say that another clan has pissed you off, and you have a VALID reason for wanting to kill their members, this is what you'd do.

1) You'd first have to a valid reason for wanting to go to War with that clan.

2) One of the members of the clan that's declaring war would have to post the formal declaration on the forums

3) Japanese Warfare was honorable, so, the fighting does not start until the other clan ACCEPTS or Acknowledges your Declaration. If they decline then you may come up with a treaty / settlement.
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Japan RP: Clan Rules / CLAN WARFARE!
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