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 Japan RP: Combat and Death Rules.

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Japan RP: Combat and Death Rules. Empty
PostSubject: Japan RP: Combat and Death Rules.   Japan RP: Combat and Death Rules. Icon_minitimeMon Aug 17, 2009 8:00 pm


Each line of combat require 5 words per line in order to be valid.

3 out of five of those words must readable (As opposed to 'pendod' for the word 'open')

If one line of the combat is void, then all the lines that follow IN SEQUENCE OF THAT ACTION after that line are invalid.

- For example, if you RP:
*The arrow rips into the skin*
*The arrow rips into the flesh*
*The aroeojws rips itnto tyhe boun*
*The arrow rips into your gut*
*Fires off another arrow at your head*
*The arrow rips into your skin*

Then the line "The arrow rips into your gut" is invalid, because it followed the sequence. However, firing off another arrow was a new sequence.


It takes seven lines to kill someone the regular way. (You're pretty wondering why it's refered to as the regular way, we'll cover that later)

If you're killed the regular way then you're dead for 4 hours.
During those four hours, you may not roleplay as the character that got killed. Do not talk to anyone OOC'ly about who killed you if it was an assasination or no one saw it.

Try to take screenshots of people you've killed once you killed them, it helps settle any disputes that may arise.


A final death is when you kill another character in a way that they MAY NOT USE THAT CHARACTER EVER AGAIN. This again is EXTREMELY dishonorable, and thus,
If caught committing more than one Final Death in a 24 hour period, you will be banned.

Now, you may be wondering how you might commit a Final Death until another person?
Well, a Final Death take 15 lines to execute and every one of those counted lines must be valid, considering the severity of this action. Once you commit a Final Death, You MUST TAKE A SCREENSHOT OF THE DEATH, and take save it at some point. IF THE PERSON DISPUTES A FINAL DEATH AND YOU CAN'T PRODUCE PROOF IN THE FORM OF A SCREENSHOT, OR WITNESSES, THEN MOST LIKELY THE PERSON WILL ONLY BE CONSIDERED DEAD.

What happens if someone executes a final death on you?

You die. And your character is gone. You wait 30 mins, and then you're alive. You CANNOT avenge your death. And here's why: Your character is gone, you have absolutely no recollection of dying. You must leave the family you were in, HOWEVER, they can approach you and ask you to re-join. I.e - If you were a wife that you got FD'ed, Your new character could remarry the person you were with before.


one of the most important.

You cannot kill someone in an Imperial Cities. That means if you're in 'Imperial Courtscape' or 'Imperial Palace' you could not kill someone. You could beat, grip and drag them to another area, but you CANNOT kill them right there in that room.

The reason for this rule is that realistically, You could not walk into a city and kill someoen in plain sight. So, to defend realism, why should you be able to do this in the RP?

However, there ARE exceptions.

- You could kill someone in an Imperial City IF there is no one can ICly see you do so.
For example, if you kill someone before the North West tower and no one can see or hear this then it's a valid kill. However if your victim is able to become visible or audible, you cannot continue with that kill.
- If there are 3 or less people in the Imperial City then you may kill in the city.

You CANNOT execute FD's in Imperial Rooms.

To Recap:
- You cannot kill in Imperial City rooms unless
- There are 3 or less people in the room
- You are kill in a way that you are unseen or unheard as doing the killing.
- You cannot execute Final Deaths in an Imperial Room.
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Japan RP: Combat and Death Rules.
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